Darren is the Director of Tennis Operations at a club in Greenwich, CT.   In his spare time, he rides his bike all over Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.   Over the last 10 years, he has discovered some the most beautiful roads in the three states.  You won't find a double yellow line on any of these roads.  

recent rides / events

2016 - Rapha Gentlemans Race 1st Place 

2016 - D2R2 180k + Ride to Greenwich

2016 - Litchfield R2D2 180K

2016 - D2R2 180k + Ride to Greenwich

2015 - Kent Bike Prom (3 days, 200+ miles)

2015 - Rapha Gentlemans Race Vermont

2015 - D2R2 180K + Ride to Greenwich

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